The City of Port Orford has several established commissions and committees. The City Council may establish additional committees as needed. Members of Commissions and committees are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council.

Planning Commission

The Port Orford Planning Commission meets monthly on the first Tuesday at 3:30 pm. The Planning Commission is responsible for making recommendations to City Council regarding local zoning and land use decisions.


Chairman Greg Thelen
Vice Chair Pamela Berndt
Commissioner (Comm.) Sarah Lovendahl
Comm. Jennifer Head

Parks Commission

The Port Orford Parks Commission meets on the first Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm in the City Council chambers. The Commission is responsible for making recommendations to City Council regarding policies and priorities for development, operations, use and maintenance of public parks facilities.


Greg Tidey (Council Liason)
Bryan Thompson
Kelly Bechtel
Clark Kocurek

Historic Preservation Commission

The Port Orford Historic Preservation Commission meets on the last Friday of the month at 9:30am. The Commission is responsible for the administration of the City’s historic preservation ordinance, including designating properties to the Landmark registry, informing citizens and visitors of the community’s history, and seeking and expending relevant grants and gifts.


Chairman Rick Cook
Secretary Bev Bacak
Steve Roeman
Joyce Spicer
Maurisa Markstien

Emergency Preparedness Commission

The Port Orford Emergency Preparedness Commission meets on the third Wednesday at 5:30pm. The Commission is responsible to coordinate with the Curry County Emergency Management Department and to make recommendations to City Council to help our community better prepare for emergencies.


Jim Howe
Kell DeVoll
Gary Burns (Council Liaison)
Ross Kelly
Mari Lochaus
Clark Kocurek

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee meets each May. The Committee is responsible for considering and making recommendations to City Council regarding the city’s budget.


Budget Office Gary Milliman
Committee member Cory Aschauer
Committee member Barbara Wright
Committee member Kelly Bechtel

Transient Lodging Tax (TLT) Committee

The Transient Lodging Tax (TLT) Committee meets each year in July. The Committee is responsible to assess grant requests for the TLT funds available for that year, to recommend to City Council which grant requests should be funded, and to make additional recommendations regarding the promotion of Port Orford. TLT funds come from the City’s 7% Lodging Tax.


Watershed Council

The Port Orford Watershed Council, affiliated with the Curry Watersheds Partnership, is no longer an official Commission of the City of Port Orford. But its volunteers take on stewardship tasks in our municipal drinking water source areas, which includes the North Fork Hubbard Creek watershed (the primary drinking water source) and Garrison Lake (the secondary source). Protecting habitat by supporting healthy ecosystems in these watersheds is also a priority of the Port Orford Watershed Council. The Council meets the first Wednesday of each month. For more information, contact Council Chair Linda Tarr:

For more information, including watershed stewardship plans, see: