Port Orford is a unique place to live – an authentic small town with no strip malls, no fast food, no stop lights. Life here feels slower and more relaxed than elsewhere. Partly that is due to our size, with only 1200 people; partly to our natural environment. We still have large undeveloped areas where you can hike and never see another person for hours.

And to us, a traffic jam is two cars waiting to turn left at a stop sign.

People who live here describe Port Orford as:

• Unspoiled
• Openhearted
• Beautiful
• Natural setting
• Isolated
• Close to forest & ocean
• Sense of a real port town

(Source: Looking to the Future, 2006 City of Port Orford Comprehensive Planning Report)


Public School District: Port Orford-Langlois School District 2J

2CJ School District consists of three schools: Driftwood Elementary School located in Port Orford, Blanco School located in Langlois and Pacific High School located halfway between Port Orford and Langlois. Approximately five hundred students are enrolled in grades K-12.

Financial Institutions

Credit Unions: 1


Sales Tax

Oregon has no general sales tax.

Property Tax

Owners of real and business personal property, according to the assessed value of taxable residential, commercial, farm, industrial, utility and timber property.

County assessors use permanent rates set for all taxing districts in fiscal year 1997–98, when taxes were significantly reduced with a statewide average 17 percent cut in tax levies. Certain types of levies are outside this reduction. The tax rates cannot exceed $15 per $1,000 of real market value. For 1997–98, all property was valued by county assessors at 90 percent of the July 1, 1995, levels. For subsequent years, assessed values are limited to a 3 percent annual growth rate. Construction since July 1, 1995, is valued at the average rate of similar properties in the area.

Special exemptions, tax relief programs and deferrals are available. For more information contact the Curry County assessor’s office at 541–247–7011 x231.

Tax rates are representative of the largest tax code in the city. The rates are expressed as tax liability per $1,000 of assessed property value.

Curry County

Average Compressed Tax Rate 1997-98 $8.02
Average Compressed Tax Rate 1998-99 $8.44
Average 1999 Housing Value $109,380
Ave Res Property Tax Paid on Ave House 1997-98 $847.08
Ave Res Property Tax Paid on Ave House 1998-99 $923.16
Average School rate 1998-99 . . . . . . . . $5.13
Average Non-School Rate 1998-99. . . . $6.60
Average City Rate 1998-99 . . . . . . . . . $2.27

Source: Infrastructure Finance Authority, 2010


Hunting and Fishing Licenses – contact Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, PO Box 59, Portland, OR 97207, licenses/tags/permits 503-872-5275.