The Port Orford Police Department provides police services to the residents of the city. We have four full-time officers, and a number of reserve officers to support law enforcement. We also can access the services of Curry County Sheriff’s Office when appropriate.

Chief Hank Hobart
541.332.3681 x 280

The Vision of the Port Orford Police Department.

Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Port Orford Police Department is to deliver the Highest Standard of Law Enforcement in an ethical and fiscally responsible manner. Excellence in Protecting life, Property, Human rights and work in a Proactive Partnership with the Community to Solve Problems, thereby enhancing the Quality of life for our Citizens and Visitors.

Core Values:

Respect—Our employees will display humility while treating others with fairness and dignity.

Discretion—We expect our employees to enforce the spirit of the law, to be flexible in finding solutions to problems and to use common sense, good judgment and compassion keeping in mind what is the best outcome for the community.

Loyalty—We display loyalty towards the Port Orford Police Department, each other, the community, and trust that each member supports and is dedicated to the Mission and Values of the Police Department.

Sense of Humor—We recognize that humor, employed in a timely and appropriate manner, is vital to the well being of our agency and its members.

Teamwork—We are a team, with each team member pulling a share of the load and working to achieve team goals.

Professionalism—We are committed to the highest level of competence and professional conduct.

Integrity—We value honesty, and high ethical standards. We will do what is right in difficult situations despite pressure to do otherwise.

Special Thanks to Our Police Department:

Recently a friend of ours passed away at home in the hamlet. Mike Brace was the officer on the scene and the way he conducted himself was exceptional. The wife was having a difficult time of it and he responded with compassion and kindness. She mentioned when she called me later that morning. Just thought I’d let you know.
Thank you Chief,

Dear Officer Perry,
Thanking you for your help on June 6th. My husband of 53 years had a psychotic reaction to medication to the new medication given him by Hospice to relieve pain and agitation.
You did everything right under difficult conditions, you were professional and compassionate.
My husband died at home the following Thursday after an extremely difficult week. He died with peace and dignity.