The City of Port Orford presently obtains its water from Hubbard Creek, a perennial stream located just east of the City’s boundary…(more)…

Water Treatment System

The water is piped to town where it is treated by filtration and disinfected before being delivered to City residents …(more)…

Wastewater Treatment System

Port Orford has a wastewater collection, treatment and discharge system that serves the area within its boundary. The wastewater system consists of sewage collection lines, a sewage treatment plant and an ocean outfall effluent discharge from the treatment plant. …(more)…

Franchise Services

Port Orford contracts with a number of independent companies to handle essential services in a cost-effective manner for our residents and businesses.

Coos Curry Electric Cooperative

Frontier Telephone

Cable TV

Garbage & Recycling
Curry Transfer & Recycling


Street right-of-ways are wide throughout much of Port Orford, and undeveloped streets lie between some properties. Utility services are buried in many of these right-of-ways, so be safe and call before doing any excavation.

Call before you dig: 800.332.2344