The City of Port Orford Planning Commission meets monthly on the second Tuesday at 3:30 pm. You can download the packet for the next meeting the Thursday before (these are large files, so please be patient). Please see City Hall if you’d like packets from earlier meetings.

Click here for the Packet for the Upcoming Planning Meeting

The City Planner can meet with citizens when needed. If the assistant planner, Patty Clark, is unable to help you with a planning issue we will set an appointment for you to meet with the City Planner, Crystal Shoji, at City Hall.

Zoning maps, ordinances and other information are available at City Hall. Building permits may be applied for at City Hall; inspections are the responsibility of Curry County.

Click here for more information about Port Orford’s Comprehensive Plan

Commission Members (2-Year Terms):

  • Michele Leonard
  • Krista Nieraeth
  • Dianne Schofield
  • Pamela Berndt
  • Jeanne Jezuit
  • Cynthia Stetson

City Planner
Crystal Shoji

Assistant Planner
Patty Clark